We live in a sea of energy. The way you manage your energy determines how you navigate this ocean. We distribute most of our energy through our chakras, so their correct functioning is very important.


Every person, place or object that you attach to can become a drain on your energy. Anything that is encoded in your field like painful experiences, karmic imprints, the emotional pain body, beliefs, etc. will have an effect on your frequency and your life experiences.


We must clear all energetic blockages and subconscious misconceptions and beliefs to raise your frequency and experience more harmonious relationships, places, times, things and events.


During this session we ask our guides, angels and teachers (For Healing and Balancing for the Highest and Greatest Good) to help upgrade and repair the chakra systems as needed, connect us to the Universal Grid and Divine, spin chakras in the direction for the highest and greatest good.


There are no specific requirements for you during this session. You can be at work, gym or even asleep, but one of the main parts of the cleansing process is your intent.

Please think about what bothers you and what you would like to achieve.


This session is meant to help you on your path, learn lessons and move forward. Please be attentive to what feelings, emotions, dreams, childhood memories resurface from your subconsciousness during the next several days after the session. These are your blocks, trapped emotions that need to be released (think about it, feel the situation again and let it go, with love, forgiveness, and compassion).


Energy clearing session will release everything that can be allowed to be released at this time and will help you with further purification process.


Please contact me if you have any questions.

Have a Blessed Day!

Chakra Resetting, Balancing and Cord Cutting

  • - This session is provided remotely and its duration is one hour. 


    - It will be scheduled and provided within three days after you place the order.


    - A confirmation email will be sent to you with date/time of the scheduled session as well as after the completion of the session (which may contain some further recommendations).


    - If you want to book the session for a specific date/time, please use our booking system after checking out.