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Clearing your path to health, happiness and fulfillment 

Start Your Healing Journey and Create an Energetic Healing Shift


  • Remote Energy Healing (Multi-Dimensional   Healing)


  • Akashic Records Reading

  • Home Cleansing


  • Object Cleansing​


  • Chakras balancing

  • Energy healing for pets



How we can help you

Do you feel out of alignment?  Have you tried everything, but it feels like you are stuck and drained? Would you like to prevent or eliminate the negative effects of the environment on you? Are you struggling to maintain healthy relationships with others?  


If so then we are here for you!


By checking your Akashic records we can quickly zero in on your problem areas to identify what is at the root cause of your issues.  We then use the Dimensional Dowsing Healing Method along with energetic healing touch to achieve a powerful healing, clearing, cleansing and balancing effect.

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