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More About me

My path to energy healing was not short. I have Master's degrees in Biophysics and Economy and worked in those disciplines for several years while trying to find myself.


I tried to find personal fulfillment working in big corporations, changing jobs, countries, and cities. I crossed the world, learned different teachings and dived into different cultures. I had to learn many life lessons prior to the time when I was finally guided to the world of energy healing.


I have received my certification in Akashic Records Reading and Dimensional Dowsing Healing and continue to constantly improve my knowledge in the field.


My life has changed dramatically after I started my spiritual path. Each of us carries our baggage of positive and negative karma, healthy and unhealthy connections with others, scars from the past, trapped emotions, fears etc. All that along with current life goals affect us constantly and attracts relevant events and people.


Our goal is to learn life lessons, clear our energy field, find and follow our unique path to happiness and fulfillment. Everyone deserves to be happy right here and right now. It is only distortions, blocks and fears within us that make us avoid achieving this goal at all times.  



Sometimes it is not so easy to understand why certain people or events were attracted into one’s life, but if a person really wants to move forward, he or she will be guided to an answer or help, and I believe that is why you are here right now. We are constantly guided and protected by our spiritual guides and angels.



There are many ways to create a positive energetic shift in your field and one of them is energy healing of your subtle bodies and environment.



Since I have traveled extensively, I have become very interested in remote energy healing. I also find it as a very convenient opportunity for those who do not have much time for an in-person visit or those who do not feel comfortable discussing their issues with others face to face.

Whenever we are talking about energy healing, there is no such thing as time and space, so it works perfectly well either in-person or remotely.



Since you found me, my main goal now is to help you overcome your resistance toward being happy and achieving goals and fulfillment. If you have any questions, please see the FAQ page and do not hesitate to contact me via email if you do not find the answer or would like to provide feedback.


Have a blessed day!


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