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Please provide some additional information after checking out 

  • For Energy Healing sessions: your Name is sufficient (your intent is the most important part of the clearing). A short description of an issue we need to work on can be provided as well.    


  • For Object Cleansing session: your Name and description of an object and/or photo of an object.

  • For Building Cleansing session: your Name, description of a building and/or address and/or photo. 


  • For Event Cleansing session: your Name, description on an event, description of a place and/or address. 


  • For Animal Cleansing session: your Name, Pet’s name, description of an issue and/or photo.


  • For Pooja (Puja) we need to determine your Birth Star (Vedic Astrology). That is why we need: your name, date, time and place of birth. 

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