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Apartment Energy Cleansing

Any object (including buildings) can pick up and store energy from every activity

  • 1 h
  • Paid
  • his session is provided remotely. (Invoice will be emailed)

Service Description

Any object (including buildings) can pick up and store energy from every activity that takes place next to or within them. The vibratory energy of your surrounding (including your home, apartment or business) affects you every day and can store accumulated energy (positive and negative) of every single situation and event that has happened around for ages. Events like prolonged illness, separation, divorce, legal problems, depression, death, physical/mental/emotional abuse, bankruptcy, drug or alcohol usage etc. leave a very strong energetic print on the space (including land, which can hold energy from the recent and distant past). The clearing will remove the vibrations and energy cords from the past traumatic events. This clearing session includes the following steps : - General clearing for apartment as a whole entity; Room by room clearing (including closets and well as the storage areas, porches); - Clearing all negative emotional energy, all negative energy patterns, negative thoughts or trauma being held in the walls, floors, furniture, clothes; - Clear any entities from your property; - Balancing with Universal Energy and the Earth’s Energy; - Neutralizing Geopathic Stress and effects of Negative Mass Consciousness; - Raising the energy of the home and property to the highest vibration that is appropriate; Inviting a new, lighter and more positive, higher vibrational energy, filled with the blessing of new possibilities and beginnings;

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