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Deep Energy Healing

Dimensional dowsing is a new and very effective method of energy healing.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • Paid
  • his session is provided remotely. (Invoice will be emailed)

Service Description

Dimensional dowsing is a new and very effective method to release blocks, balance subtle bodies and promote healing. This session combines all benefits of General Energy Healing Session and Chakra Resetting Session as well as deep cleansing on the emotional levels. Starting with General Clearing, during this session we are working with your spiritual guides and angels (For Healing and Balancing for the Highest and Greatest Good) on clearing your: - Mental, spiritual, emotional and physical bodies on different levels (Cellular, Molecular, Energetic, Soul, Universal. Usually one level at a time); - Unhealthy cords and energetic parasites; - Grids including the Auric, Meridian, and Chakra Grids; - Emotional attachments from previous lifetimes; - All previous useless and finished contracts and karmic lessons through all - - Lifetimes that no longer serve you; - Emotional attachments to parents; - False Mental Beliefs and Emotional Issues; - Negativity and replacing it with love, peace, harmony, forgiveness, truth, joy, empathy, bliss prosperity, abundance, contentment understanding, unity, and etc. - Energy level elevation to its optimal point and a setting protective barrier that filters out all unwanted or unneeded energy as the last step Please contact me if you have any questions. Have a Blessed Day!

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